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About Us

Christopher Ministries was founded by Tracia (Traci) Hughes Jungkurth and named after her oldest son Joseph "Christopher" Hughes. Christopher and his father Joseph were killed by a drunk driver on May 31, 1996. The organization began out of her desire to help people cope with loss, trauma and tragedy. Traci and her youngest son, Stephen Peter survived the crash only to realize their lives were forever changed and the pain they experienced must be transformed into something positive.

Some of the last pictures taken of the Hughes family in 1996. Along with a picture of Joseph Christopher Hughes.

Christopher was 8 years old when he died and his father Joseph was 40 years of age.

Their lives were cut short too soon because an impaired driver chose to drink and drive.

The following is a video produced by Traci that has been shared across the country with young people and older adults as a reminder that impaired driving kills and injures individuals and destroys families. Traci is committed to public safety and education. She is a supporter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and their mission.

A Sober Ride Saves Lives.

Joseph R. Hughes and his son Joseph Christopher Hughes were killed by a drunk driver 5.31.96.

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